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Clear agreements are core to strong teams.


Similar to Community Agreements, good team guidelines are a pivot point to create a healthy culture of shared norms and values. They can be invaluable to teams that are in distress, where seemingly intractable conflicts are diverting resources from the all-important work of social change. They're crucial in early team formation when you need to start out right. You can get the most challenged teams back on track with an investment in new norms and culture change, or ensure your organization will be healthy for the long haul.

This engagement starts with a diagnostic tool to really understand what the team needs. I like Social Transformation Project’s Team Performance Inventory, but I’m also keen to dive into any assessment tools you might already be using. Note that this process requires at least half a day of shared team time with 100% participation. I’m happy to help your staff get a sense of the value and potential of this process.

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