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Work with me in the way that works best for you




A great facilitator leaves you with clear next steps and stronger relationships

Whether you're a small team making some big decisions, or a large community coming together to plan, vision or learn, skilled facilitation is key. My training and approach emphasizes dialogue over debate, but with a full sharing of diverging views and options for maximum creativity and resolution. I want to ensure you end with clear next steps and stronger relationships. Let's talk about what you need.



Consulting that gives you exactly what your organization needs

All of my work with clients is custom - I start with a deep curiosity about where you are at and what you need. Organizations face similar challenges that manifest in unique ways. I give you the opportunity to guide our engagement by helping me understand where you’re at, while supporting you to become clearer about what you really need. We’ll only spend the time and resources together that are necessary, and you’ll have my full attention and responsiveness.



Great workshops empower your team with the skills needed to work more collaboratively

A great trainer starts by surfacing the knowledge and wisdom that is already there, lying latent in the group's awareness. My workshops are highly interactive -- probably very different from the Powerpoint presentations you might be used to. I guarantee your team will feel like they've learned something valuable. Getting better at participatory process can enable you to get the most out of both your staff and your external supporters.

What does your organization need in order to learn, grow, and become more effective? Let's talk about it and see which service might be right for you.

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