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As the Director of Communications and Public Engagement, the largest department at this 90-person organization, I dove deep. DSF had decided years earlier to make the shift from science and research to science-informed public engagement, but their theory of change did not reflect this. I worked with the leadership and board to create a new theory of change, and a new corresponding public engagement strategy. I worked with staff across the organization to bring a series of small disconnected initiatives into alignment, particularly around addressing urgent environmental concerns regarding bee and butterfly deaths and the ubiquity of pesticides, and the need for a shift to renewable forms of energy. This motivated new digital strategy development, and the launch of a rebranding and website redesign process. I also redesigned my own department's approach to leadership development and planning. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to work with this legendary organization (and David himself) and to continue to support them on their journey towards a more participatory and empowering culture for staff and supporters.

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