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Engaged supporters can exponentially increase your ability to make the changes you’re seeking in the world.


An engaged community is vital to your organization's ability to genuinely achieve its mission. Everyone from your board members to your digital-only subscribers has more they can do to help you succeed - if they are given the right opportunity at the right moment. We'll talk about how to use a ladder of engagement model to grow and deepen your support base, and ensure you're providing people with meaningful opportunities to make change. We'll discuss how to choose and implement the right digital tools to make mass, empowered engagement a reality for your organization.

We'll discuss your engagement cycle or strategy in three parts:

1. Understand and clarify your engagement goals - including and going beyond stewardship.

2. Look at what has worked and what hasn't for you, as well as case studies from other peer organizations.

3. Create a step-by-step plan to remove barriers and more effectively engage supporters.

We'll discuss creating and executing non-traditional events to engage your community, such as unconferences, Google hangout parties, tweet-ups, or even distributed days of action. You'll leave with broadened horizons and a roadmap to creating a community that can have much greater collective impact.

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